Yesterday, it was in the mid 80’s outside! That is so WARM. So, naturally, I spent most of the day outside. Went on a walk with my best friend, jumped around on the trampoline, and just enjoyed the sunshine. It was oh so lovely. My outfit of the day is the outfit I wore to church yesterday. Also, like I said in my first post, I’ll take pictures outside when it gets warm and it was WARM. So, I used some of my photography skills (haha ;P) to show you my lovely, spring outfit. Enjoy!

Twirling in the Sunshine!

Plaid pocketed tube top shirt that I wore as a skirt! I’m creative 😉 (Got it at goodwill for 3 bucks!)

Blue top and blue beaded necklace. Top from Rue 21, Necklace: unknown.

My bracelet! It’s my moms and I’m not sure where she got it, sorry :p

My braided headband. I’m OBBESSED with it. I wear it all the time, 10 bucks at ULTA.

Gladiators! Birthday present so I’m not sure where they came from.


So, my sister got me 2 things this weekend! One is a VERY cute pearl bracelet and the other is a camera on a key chain that makes a “snap” noise and lights up like an actual camera. Both of these little gifts made me very happy inside and must be shared with you. Below is the bracelet that also came with a beautiful, floral bow tied nicely to it. It just screams cute, don’t chu’ thing? Also, the last picture is my precious camera key chain!

Now it is time for my FIRST EVER OUTFIT OF THE DAY!

[To enlarge any picture, just click on it.]Oh, my gosh. It is going to drive my crazy that these above pictures do not line up. Anyways, the first photo is of my entire outfit I wore yesterday, sunday. I wore it to church. My blue top is from Charlotte Ruse, my drape-y, sweater thing (I’m so good with words) is from Forever 21. My pearl bracelet (picture 2) and my pearl necklace(picture 3) are both from Forever 21 as well. My jeggings(jeans/leggings) are from Kmart and are by Selena Gomez. Black flats are from American Eagle Outfitters. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this. Until next time,


Creating Chelsea


My name is Chelsea. The name “Creating Chelsea” seriously came from one of those stupid band generator things. I typed in my name as the key word and something came up like, “Making Chelsea” and all the sudden, BAM. Creating Chelsea came into my head. This is a fashion blog, therefore Creating Chelsea is basically just referring to me and the outfits I’ll feature and how they are creating my outer image and such. Okay, it makes way more sense in my head, I promise.

To introduce myself, I will give you 10 important facts and 10 really pointless, stupid facts that you don’t care about at all. Now, without further adieu, (is that how that phrase goes?) here  are my facts:

10 Important (kinda) Facts

  1. I’m almost 20, I’m going to school for child development but will probably be a children’s/teen librarian when I ‘grow up.’
  2. I don’t really know that much about fashion, but I love it. And therefore I am making a fashion blog. Deal with it, peeps.
  3. I have 5 sisters, 6 brothers, 5 nieces and 5 nephews. Me and my siblings ALL come from the same parents and no twins.
  4. I really love to write. Like, really really.
  5. Jesus Christ is my savior. And I love him. And I know he has huge plans for my life. Beautiful plans.
  6. My friends could not possibly be any crazier. And that’s why I adore them.
  7. I am in love with photography. I will try to take my fashion pictures outside when it’s warmer out, and get all artsy and such.
  8. I have learned so much from my past and yet, I have miles to go from knowing all I want to and need to.
  9. I don’t have a lot of money and so my fashion blog is more about working with what you DO have.
  10. I really can’t think of anything else important. Chelsea fail.

10  really pointless, stupid Facts.

  1. I am in love with ICEES, starburst, the rain, white chocolate, mint chocolate, and thin mint girl scout cookies.
  2. I am not ashamed that all those above things are food except for one.
  3. I like to say crazy things and crazy times.
  4. I will most like run up to you and sing randomly. So, If I ever meet you, watch out.
  5. Monkeys are adorable. Buy me one?
  6. I hate onions.
  7. I feel the need to eat a lot. Like, more than a normal person. If I get an urge for toast at 3 a.m, I get out of bed and make me some toast.
  8. I ramble a lot and none of the ramblings really tie together. Oh. Well.
  9. Should these facts be fashion related? Because they aren’t.
  10. Ponies are pretty.